About Colorfield Books

Colorfield Books is a collection of high quality digital editions of public domain books produced by me, sloum. I use the Standard Ebooks toolkit to develop these books. All of the books I develop are also offered to Standard Ebooks for wider release. As such, many books here are the same version as Standard Ebooks makes available and bear no insignia nor reference to Colorfield Books. Those books that match a Standard Ebooks edition as described above are represented on this site simply because I produced them, and thus they are a part of my produced works. Hopefully this does not cause any confusion.

I am a one man operation and created this site because I wanted to work on some books that did not fit into what Standard Ebooks release preferences (such as books not available through Project Gutenberg, novelettes and novelas, non-fiction, non-english language works, etc).

One thing I felt was missing from Standard Ebooks, though I understand many possible reasons why, is a reader mode that will let you read the books from your browser. That has been added to this site, along with the standard download options in various formats. To use the web based reader simply navigate to a book of your choosing and click Read in your browser.

Thank you for checking out the books. This is the part where I would normally ask you to donate or get involved... but I would prefer you do so over at Standard Ebooks if you are so inclined. Again, they do great work and this page is meant to be just a personal offshoot to collect the books that I work on and for some more fringe projects, purely supplementary to their great offerings.